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Life in the War Zone – Paul White

Life in the War Zone by Paul White

Life in the War Zone from Paul White is now available! Released: 11th February 2017 Life in the War Zone is not a ‘WAR’ story. It is a collection of poignant, eye opening stories and articles, written primarily as fictional

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Thunderclap! Support the “Save the Date” Blog Tour!

Thunderclap! You’re Cordially Invited— To Support the Wedding of Eithne “Save the Date” Blog Tour Thunderclap Announcement! The Wedding of Eithne is the highly anticipated Fourth Tale in the Matter of Manred fantasy series. For those who know that love

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Happy Birthday to the Hedge King! #Bookiversary

Happy Birthday to Hedge King in Winter, by Michael E. Dellert

Today is the one year anniversary of Hedge King in Winter. Yes, believe it or not, one year ago today, my first fantasy novella, Hedge King in Winter, saw the light of day as a commercial publication. It was a

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Science Fiction and Fantasy Giveaway

Science Fiction & Fantasy eBook Giveaway

Dean F. Wilson, author of the Children of Telm epic fantasy trilogy and the Great Iron War steampunk series, is one of the masterminds in the indie author crusade. Dean recently took it upon himself to orchestrate one of the

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The Romance of Eowain Samhain Giveaway!

Samhain Giveaway: The Romance of Eowain, by Michael E. Dellert

Announcing my first annual Samhain Giveaway! Because my work has been so deeply inspired by the Celtic myths and legends of my Irish forebears, it seems only fitting that—as the holiest day on their calendar approaches—I should do my own

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Look, Up in the Sky! It’s Newark Comic Con 2016!

Newark Comic Con 2016

So, this happened. I decided to stop stalling and do my first public in-person author event: I’ll be exhibiting the Matter of Manred Saga at Newark Comic Con 2016, Saturday August 20 on the Waterfront in historic Newark NJ! Yes,

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The Romance of Eowain is Here (or, Why Book Launches are an Act of Love)

“You’re a total narcissist when you’re launching your books,” a friend once told me when I asked for some book launch advice. Then he went on: “But you have to be.” My friend said these words as it came time to

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The Story I Haven’t Told About My Free Book Offer

You may have heard me mention I have a new book coming out. And you probably heard I’m giving that book away for a limited time. But I left something out. I’ve never been happy with the way my previous books have sold,

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Why Most Facebook Events Are Awful & How Yours Can Be Different

Essentia: Live #6, featuring MIchael E. Dellert, hosted by Tom Fallwell

How you approach Facebook events makes all the difference. For my first book, I basically just used the Facebook event as a milestone marker. I didn’t actually intend to do anything “during” the event, I didn’t post any news or

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Three Things You Didn’t Know About Book Cover Design

If you’re going to work with a professional book cover designer, you’re going to have to navigate the process and pitfalls of art direction, revision, and negotiation. Professional conduct and etiquette, required. Character Design If your cover design is going

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