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New original fiction from Michael E. Dellert.

Life in the War Zone – Paul White

Life in the War Zone by Paul White

Life in the War Zone from Paul White is now available! Released: 11th February 2017 Life in the War Zone is not a ‘WAR’ story. It is a collection of poignant, eye opening stories and articles, written primarily as fictional

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13 Week Rewrite, Week Five: Beginning the Middle

Over the last four weeks, you’ve written a new outline, rewritten the new beginning of your manuscript, explored the counter-arguments in your story, and your hero has made an irrevocable decision. Now it’s time to rewrite the middle. Your hero’s

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Thunderclap! Support the “Save the Date” Blog Tour!

Thunderclap! You’re Cordially Invited— To Support the Wedding of Eithne “Save the Date” Blog Tour Thunderclap Announcement! The Wedding of Eithne is the highly anticipated Fourth Tale in the Matter of Manred fantasy series. For those who know that love

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Happy Birthday to the Hedge King! #Bookiversary

Happy Birthday to Hedge King in Winter, by Michael E. Dellert

Today is the one year anniversary of Hedge King in Winter. Yes, believe it or not, one year ago today, my first fantasy novella, Hedge King in Winter, saw the light of day as a commercial publication. It was a

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The Romance of Eowain Samhain Giveaway!

Samhain Giveaway: The Romance of Eowain, by Michael E. Dellert

Announcing my first annual Samhain Giveaway! Because my work has been so deeply inspired by the Celtic myths and legends of my Irish forebears, it seems only fitting that—as the holiest day on their calendar approaches—I should do my own

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New Feminist Science Fiction Series Appeals to Readers of All Ages

Black Bead, by JD Lakey

Like most kids her age, seven-year-old Cheobawn spends most of her day lost in her own world, imagining ways to defy her parents. Unfortunately her parents are a coven of mind-reading, gene-splicing priestesses intent on building a futuristic Utopia on

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13 Weeks to a New Novel

Some days, it seems like everyone wants to write a novel. I was re-watching “Shakespeare in Love” recently—I love that movie—and the scene in which the young Will Shakespeare discovers that the disguised Thomas Kent is actually the Lady Viola,

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The Romance of Eowain is Here (or, Why Book Launches are an Act of Love)

“You’re a total narcissist when you’re launching your books,” a friend once told me when I asked for some book launch advice. Then he went on: “But you have to be.” My friend said these words as it came time to

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The Story I Haven’t Told About My Free Book Offer

You may have heard me mention I have a new book coming out. And you probably heard I’m giving that book away for a limited time. But I left something out. I’ve never been happy with the way my previous books have sold,

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Thunder, And the Sound of Giants

When it comes to writing, publishing, and platform-building, I always advocate what I call “an experimental mindset.” Try something new everyday, and if one must fail, fail quickly and move on, learning from one’s mistakes. With an experimental mindset, any

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