Hedge King in Winter

Cover design by Glen M. Edelstein Illustration by Grafit Studio

Cover design by Glen M. Edelstein
Illustration by Grafit Studio

Hedge King in Winter, by Michael E. Dellert

The king has been crippled. Can his brother hold the kingdom together against the machinations of their rival cousin?


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Hedge King in Winter - Amazon

Read and enjoy Hedge King in Winter, the first tale in the Matter of Manred. The new on-going fantasy novella is now available in Print and for Kindle and Nook.

This exciting new sword-and-sorcery action tale follows the continuing adventures of the warriors, kings, and priests of the Matter of Manred Saga.

Follow the adventures of Lord Eowain, his brother King Lórcan, and their chief minister Medyr as they struggle to hold the throne against the villainous Lord Tnúthgal.

Eowain eyed his cousin up and down. Eowain wasn’t a tall man, but neither was Tnúthgal. His cousin was grizzle-bearded with age, but no less burly than himself. Eowain knew him for a veteran of a fierce history, of a generation with his own father. As Eowain stepped forward, Tnúthgal did not shirk from him, bridling in his coat of steel-ringed leather.

Hedge King in Winter - Amazon

Read Pre-Publication Excerpts from the Serial

A number of prepublication excerpts from the series have already been published. These can be found here:

Praise for Hedge King in Winter

Here’s what people are saying about Hedge King in Winter:

Hedge King in Winter - Amazon“The slog through the rough terrain, the fire on the horizon and the fear that overtakes him when he sees the child’s stocking, all building to that cliffhanger that leaves your readers wanting more. Excellent! And yes, I do want more!” — Yolanda Renée

“I like how nuanced, lyrical and absorbing your setting is– you’re a fantastic writer– the excerpt makes me want to read your book.” — Damyanti Ghosh

“[It] made me feel the cold of winter (which I’m all too familiar with) and the weariness of the soldiers as they came upon that burning village. With their energy sapped, could they survive another battle? I’d love to keep reading and find out.” – Debbie D.

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Get the collectible desktop wallpaper HERE!


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