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What commitment is and why you need it to be a good writer.

Happy Birthday to the Hedge King! #Bookiversary

Happy Birthday to Hedge King in Winter, by Michael E. Dellert

Today is the one year anniversary of Hedge King in Winter. Yes, believe it or not, one year ago today, my first fantasy novella, Hedge King in Winter, saw the light of day as a commercial publication. It was a

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The Saboteur

The Saboteur

Last week, we explored some of the more common fears that we face as writers in pursuit of our calling. And when it comes to our irrational fears, there is always the facile suggestion that fear can be overcome if

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#13WeekNovel Writing Challenge: Week Nine — Commitment

This week, you’re reaching the midpoint of your story, when your hero realizes that there really is no going back. This is often where the story turns. As you continue to interrogate your hero’s motivation, you may discover a moment

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The Complicated but Beautiful Process of Becoming a Writer

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews lately, as the date for the new book launch comes closer and closer. And in every interview, I’m always asked The Question. There are variations on it, of course, but they all come

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