The Romance of Eowain

The Romance of Eowain, by Michael E. Dellert

The Romance of Eowain, by Michael E. DellertThe Matter of Manred Continues…

“I would not sell myself so cheap as to be nothing more than a pawn in such a fickle game. If peace and goodwill are to come of our marriage, then peace and goodwill must go into it first. And so I tell you true, and may the Gods and the Ancestors punish me if I prevaricate: I do not yet know my own heart and mind in this matter.”

— Lady Eithne of Dolgallu

The Hedge King’s family has feuded with hers for a generation. Marriage between their two clans would bring peace.

But the Lady Eithne of Dolgallu has a right to refuse his marriage suit, and withholds her decision from him like a badge of honor.

Meanwhile, his cousin Tnúthgal jealously covets his throne, a renewed threat of banditry endangers his people, and rival heroes emerge to challenge his reign.

And what interest do the mysterious priests of the Order of the Drymyn have in Eowain’s wedding plans?

Can young King Eowain hold his kingdom together?

Can he convince the Lady Eithne to be his bride?

Can two people in an arranged marriage find love?

Find out in this exciting, new, full-length adventure novel, The Romance of Eowain!

The Romance of Eowain is the third installment in The Matter of Manred, a new cycle of medieval romances, action adventures, heroic fantasies, mysterious priests and their dark and forgetful gods, brought to you from the fantasy fiction workshop of Michael E. Dellert.

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The Romance of Eowain by Michael E. DellertWatch the Trailer


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Eithne Comes to Droma

Father grumbled through the rain. “I made a promise to the priestess once. She was a wild ban-drymyn hermit-sister of the mountain woods then. She told me I was to save your hand from marriage until the appointed time, but that you’d always hold your ancient right of choice. Whatever fate the ban-drymyn sister saw in you as a child, I don’t know, but that was the geas, the obligation that came with you into this world. I had to do what was right, by the Gods.”

“But I barely know the man, Father.”

“You had the chance to meet with him.”

“For a mere ten-day, Father. For three days of which, I was a hostage to this Cael the Viper fellow.”

“He rescued you himself, amid a number of great troubles in his kingdom. The coelbreni and the drymyn favor him. He wrote you those letters, I know you favor those.” He shrugged. “He seems a likely enough lad.” Read More…

RoE-Skyscraper2-OrderPlight at Gluin Hill

“It’s a dangerous journey. Those are the lands of the Fiatach tribes. No friends of ours, save maybe the Gwynn now that Lady Eithne and her father travel with us. There are no roads or trails that can truly be called safe. Hostile tribes and bandits and only the Gods know what else might hinder us. We might not make it.” Eowain shook his head. The Aukrian was as cold-blooded as a marsh-lizard. “I wouldn’t make the journey myself if I didn’t have to.” Read More…

Crisis with the Cailech

The sun rose over the summit of Gluín, more than a thousand feet high. Fiery dawn light framed the enclosure and watchtower there.

More than a hundred Cailech-men, and as many women and children?

It wasn’t just a raid. It was a land-grab. Read More…

In the Garden of the Lady Rathtyen

That night, the garden of the Lady Rathtyen was alive with rose-colored water avens, lilac bitter-vetch, eponymously-named bluebells, and the gold bog myrtle.

“Remember when his first missive arrived?” Cuneen caught up with a small bouquet. “Oh, I do. It was so romantic.”

“Who will teach a soldier the words that would recommend his suit to a gentle heart like yours?”

Cuneen clutched the bouquet to her breast. Out of the side of her mouth, Breda breathed, “I’d sure like to try.” Read More…

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Listen to “A Delegation of Dissidents,” from Chapter Two of The Romance of Eowain, as narrated by the amazing Will Hughes.

See What the Critics are Saying

Eithne of Dolgallu, from The Romance of Eowain by Michael E. DellertTaking The Matter of Manred Up a Notch — Dellert continues to lead us through Droma with all of our senses, and his battles are so vivid one feels compelled to wash blood and bile off one’s cheek … For the love of adventure, fantasy, and yes, even romance, come along on the wedding party’s journey in Romance of Eowain.” — Jean Lee

Six out of Five Stars for This Glorious StoryIt was everything I expect of a major work of Fantasy, and expertly crafted by a wonderful writer. At times, I forgot I was reading at all, which only ever happens with narratives that devour me as surely as I devour them … Multiple tensions and themes are characteristic of Dellert’s other works in the series. The Romance is no different in this regard, as it develops separate story lines, charts the courses of the leading cast, and plays them off one another … Each individual theme carried its own burden of tension, which was masterfully heightened and shaped by Dellert … It swallowed me whole, and only when I finished the last sentence, did I re-emerge, blinking like an owl in the sun.” — Erin Sandlin

Enthusiastic YASSSSSSS, buy this — If you’re into classic fantasy writing, this is for you. Badass Kingdom, check. Mighty warriors, check. Fierce Ladies, check. Swashbuckling, general swordplay, and bloody battle scenes, big ole check. Scheming, backstabbing and general treachery, oh yeah. Untold mystic power and and sometimes vengeful, sometimes forgetful Gods, you betcha … Little by little, Dellert reveals bits of the puzzle until you think you can see the whole picture – then he spins the board and the whole perspective changes. The “will they or won’t they” suspense lasts until the very end, and I cannot wait to see what the next installment of the Matter of Manred brings.” — Jenn M.

“Welcome back to Droma! And what a welcome. The Romance of Eowain is no regular, drawn out courtship of modern times.  Every page is jam-packed with some new twist, devious dealings, black magick, sorcery, leaving me on the edge of my couch with every turn, each treacherous act of betrayal more insidious than the next. And all for the love of a woman.  Masterful storytelling yet again from Mr. Michael Dellert.” — Stacey C.

“Meeting Eithne is like coming face to face with a cyclone: will it be kind or will it completely decimate you and everything in a five mile radius? She looks as sweet as honey but her words crackle with fire and are as dangerous as the gnarled, rocky hills and mountains of Droma.” — Astacia C.

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