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Maybe you can’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes it’s hard to recover from a bad first impression when your work isn’t quite at its best.

Hi! I offer freelance writing, editing, and consulting services to clients in academia, business, technology, and community organizations, as well as to individuals needing the services of a professional wordsmith.

The services I offer are intended to ensure that your work — whether a manuscript, brochure, or web site — is at its best and your voice is clearly heard.

As an author myself, I am deeply familiar with the challenges and rewards of writing and publishing your work and the questions authors face in navigating the rapid evolution of the current publishing environment. As your adviser, I promise to give you a thoughtful, honest, and constructive review of your work and plans for publication.

From technical white papers to Web content, proofreading to creative consultation, I will help you produce readable, compelling copy that suits your needs.

Editorial Services

I edit books (fiction and non-fiction), book proposals, academic papers, short stories, essays, articles, newsletters, promotional materials, Web copy, and more.

  • Manuscript analysis (also called content analysis) – A careful read-through and detailed written critique of your work.
  • Line editing (also called copy editing) – Correcting errors in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and syntax.
  • Proofreading – Proofing galleys (also called page proofs), copy that has been line edited and typeset.
  • Consulting – Assisting you in developing your book idea; in writing your query, synopsis, or proposal; in targeting an agent or publisher; in planning your book promotion campaign.
  • Coaching – Working with you one-on-one by phone, e-mail, or in person to help you improve your writing skills.
  • Private workshops and classes – I will tailor and conduct special classes for your writers’ group (minimum of six writers).
  • Research – I offer several levels of research assistance, from simple fact-checking to researching topics in depth. I can also gather statistical data and assist you with the literature search for your nonfiction book proposal.
  • Indexing – I offer several levels of expert indexing. An index makes your nonfiction book more marketable to publishers. (Many traditional publishing houses no longer pay for indexes to be prepared, but require their authors to do so.)
  • Keyboarding – I format authors’ manuscripts according to standard industry guidelines. I also type authors’ handwritten manuscripts and provide them with hard copy and digital media files.

Writing Services

I write books, business and marketing documents, Web copy, book proposals, articles, newsletters, and more.

  • Ghostwriting – Whether it’s your memoirs, your sci-fi action thriller, or your self-development book, I can write clear, concise, imaginative prose that will capture your reader’s attention and hold them to the very end!
  • Business and marketing documents – Big meeting coming up? Launching a new product line? I’ve got you covered!
  • Web copy – Burn up the web with sizzling web copy that will keep them clicking through!
  • Book proposals – You have a book, but you’re not sure how to capture the attention of publishers and agents? Let me help!
  • Articles – You need content, but you haven’t got the time? Never fear!
  • Newsletters – Whether you need to send out HR updates to your company or let the church group know about the upcoming picnic, I can help you!
  • Technical White Papers – Your developers are crackerjacks at coding but can’t spell, and the VC angels want to know all about your new product? Been there!

Publishing Consulting Services

My consulting services include discussing your concerns and objectives in order to provide advice regarding publishing strategies for your book, including publishing and marketing the book yourself.

I’ve worked professionally in publishing since 1996, and worked on amateur publications going back to 1986. That’s nearly thirty years of combined experience as a writer, editor, production manager, content manager, content archivist, digital production editor, and publishing platform IT manager. I’ve worked for some of the biggest names in publishing, including Wolters-Kluwer, McGraw-Hill, Macmillan, and Cambridge University Press, and my work has, at one time or another, involved me in every single aspect of the publishing industry.

  • Have a manuscript that you want to self-publish as an ebook? I can recommend free and low-cost digital conversion software that will produce professional-quality ebooks in all the major formats, or I can do the work for you myself.
  • Need a cover designer? I can recommend dozens of high-quality cover and interior design professionals who have practiced their trade at major publishing houses.
  • Want an author platform? I can tell you what to expect from the major commercial platforms and guide you through the set up process, from requirements-gathering to working with an independent web designer. I can even set up and manage your platform, getting you back to the important task of content creation!
  • Can’t seem to find your audience? I can recommend publicists, SEO experts, social media managers, book marketers, and sales professionals who can help you refine your market segmentation, reach your customers, navigate the maze of book distributors, and schedule public appearances to promote your work.
  • Have a story to tell and not sure how to get started? I’m happy to consult on any aspect of the creative and business aspects of publishing, from story development to profit-and-loss projections to final sales analyses.
  • Need legal advice on your publishing contracts? My partners and I will review your contracts with an eye to preserving and monetizing your rights. We can provide contract review and advice regarding key contract terms, permissions, and other copyright issues. We can also help you find and work with a literary agent.
  • Need it all? I can manage the entire writing, editing, production, marketing, distribution, and sales life-cycle for you, coordinating vendors and freelancers across the entire spectrum of publishing services to produce the best quality products for the lowest possible costs, on time, every time.
  • Not sure WHAT you need? I provide consulting services for all levels of projects, individuals and groups and will be happy to discuss your project with you as part of a free initial consultation. Expedited services may be available for an additional charge.

Contact me, initial consultations are free.

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